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are also the songs of our children "

The Druid Way

Avoid Tax Dodgers this Christmas

December 7th, 2012


5 Responses to “Avoid Tax Dodgers this Christmas”

  1. You can view this as an endorsement to patronize these companies. By skirting taxes less money is going to the state. Which I see as less funding for bureaucrats to decide for me how my body can used. Less funding of individuals trying to impose their will on their neighbors via the force of law. Less funding fueling the war machines around the world. I do appreciate the tone this blog was posted intends.

    • Good point Zach! But there’s still the issue of ‘honest law-abiding citizens’ of the UK earning normal wages, paying their taxes to fund social services, and everything from hospitals and libraries to subsidised arts, to overseas aid, etc., etc., while corporations that rake in billions wriggling out of contributing to the society they operate in. There is the tricky issue of the ‘war machine’ that taxes also fund, which you point out though! Ah if only these things were simple! 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting this Philip. Boycotts are not just for Solstice, of course. Libertarians on the left have long argued for being ‘in and against’ the state. I’d reccomend prof Greg Philo’s work on a possible wealth tax, and the Tax Justice Network on the global impact of offshore tax havens. I’ve put a post about these on ‘animist jottings’.

    Best wishes, Brian

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