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" Live out of your imagination

not your history "

Stephen R. Covey


January 8th, 2009

Cae Mabon Roundhouse

A Druidic Retreat at Cae Mabon
Led by Philip Carr-Gomm and Eric Maddern
18th to 24th Sept 2009

Cae Mabon is set in an oak forest glade and centred on a Celtic Roundhouse. To the west is Ynys Mon (the island of Anglesey), the heartland of the Druids in ancient times. To the east is Dinas Emrys, where dragons are said to have risen from the ground and where the young Merlin made his first great prophecy. So Cae Mabon is deep in old Druid country. Some say Taliesin is her guardian spirit.

There’s an old saying: ‘Ask the wild bee what the Druids knew’. On this retreat, in the company of Philip Carr-Gomm, author and Chief Druid of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) and Eric Maddern, one of OBOD’s Honorary Chief Bards and founder of Cae Mabon, we’ll explore the meaning of that folk wisdom and ask the wild bee what indeed the Druids did know.

Cae Mabon Hot TubThe retreat will include:
• Talks by Philip on key aspects of Druidry
• Deep immersion in the magical forest (including walking the labyrinth)
• Practising old survival skills such as making fire and finding wild food
• Working with the sacred animals and plants of the Druid tradition
• Waking Taliesin’s creative spirit through poetry, story, song and dance
• Exploring deities called upon locally by the early Celts
• Investigating the significance of Merlin’s prophecy
• Visiting ancient and sacred places in Eryri (Snowdonia) and Mon
• Storytelling and music around the fire in the Roundhouse
• Meeting the Cae Mabon bees and taking part in the honey harvest
• Hot tub and wild swimming in the lake
• Creating ceremonies and celebration

This retreat will serve as an introduction to Druidry, the earliest known religion of the British Isles, and so will be suitable for beginners. But it will also be rewarding to old hands who want to experience the power and beauty of Cae Mabon and get to know the heartland of the ancient Druids.

Cae Mabon has recently been described as the Welsh Shangri La and declared the ‘number one natural building project in the UK’! So come and hang out in the Welsh Shangri La!

COSTCae Mabon Hogan
£350 including quality vegetarian food and accommodation for six nights.
A limited number of concessions are available by negotiation.

To make a booking please contact Eric Maddern
by email on or phone on 01286 871542.
Bookings will be confirmed by sending a £100 deposit.

For more about Cae Mabon see:


  1. Ooh this just looks so fabulous – As a beekeeper and baby Bard – this looks to give everything I could possibly want from a retreat – Going to have to see if I can find enough cash to do this

  2. Oooooh I wish I could go! What a joy to experience wild earthy Druidry for real! And just in time for my birthday, no less… sigh… Now I only have to re-up my passport!

    /| )O( /|

  3. wow lovely, id like this dont know how my m.e. would cope ,but looks and sounds lovely.x

  4. Ooooooh. I may not be able to physically attend this retreat; I am going to be so there in energy and spirit though.

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