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" One touch of nature

makes all the world kin "

William Shakespeare

Ashleigh Scully

April 25th, 2016

Ashleigh Scully owl

Many thanks to Nicola Ward for bringing our attention to a very talented young wildlife photographer Ashleigh Scully. ashleigh scullyAshleigh uses her fantastic images to draw attention to conservation issues. She took up photography at the tender age of eight and is still only fourteen but has managed to capture some stunning images. Her website can be found here.


foxes ashleigh scullyashleigh-scully-screech-owljpg-da7f304db7a36332

5 Responses to “Ashleigh Scully”

  1. Ashleigh has an amazing eye, and a wonderful command of her gear. Age clearly has very little to do with ability. Fantastic work, Ashleigh!

  2. Have been following Ashleigh for a while now on Facebook. One of her photos is among the top 100 in Audubon’s 2016 photo awards, an extraordinary collection of images. Her talent is matched by her kindness. She answers almost every comment left on her FB site, demonstrating that her care for the animal world extends even to creatures who hang about social media 🙂

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