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" One touch of nature

makes all the world kin "

William Shakespeare

As Nature Intended

November 11th, 2010

I have just been listening to Damh the Bard’s latest album As Nature Intended. All his most well-known songs are there, including ‘Merlin am I’ and ‘Spirit of Albion’, but recorded live with that added excitement of an eager audience in the background. To finish up there is the raucous ‘Anarchy in the UK’ and that lovely piece ‘The Horned God – An Unofficial Biography’. It’s on itunes or click here.

But what on earth induced Damh to call the album ‘As Nature Intended’? Anyone in the UK over 40 will remember the film ‘Naked as Nature Intended’ not – I hasten to add – because you rushed out to see it, but because you noticed the queues of sad men in raincoats waiting to see it. I had to watch it recently for research purposes. It’s actually quite delightful. The average shampoo ad or music video is far more provocative and two features of the film make it interesting for druids: the two heroines decide to go on holiday to Cornwall, visiting Stonehenge en route. What a revelation. The main roads seem like  empty country lanes, Stonehenge is unfenced and the (fully clothed) actresses enter right into it. Then they arrive on a Cornish beach and by turning a corner miraculously end up at Spielplatz – the naturist resort in Hertfordshire that played such a role in the birth of the modern Pagan movement, with Ross Nichols and Gardner meeting there. Finally the actresses take their clothes off, but the film-makers are continually foiled in their attempts to view all of their beauty by a plethora of bushes and potted plants.

What was Damh thinking of? Oh….I see… those who download the album as opposed to buying a hard copy from his website won’t realize that the CD comes with a booklet filled with photographs of the artist…

4 Responses to “As Nature Intended”

  1. Those in the US couldn’t wait to hear the music. We just wanted to hear the music and are sad we will miss out on the photos 🙁

  2. Hi philip i know damh from a few yrs back im based in ireland and was wondering if you are still based in kilkenny i read the book the druid way and was interested in joining but other things in life took over so can you please tell me of any druid groups in ireland?

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