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" If the world is a tree,

we are the blossoms "


Around the Fire in Holland

June 17th, 2008

Here is a video clip Luc Sala of Mindlift TV made the other day when I was at the Eigentijds festival in Holland. Thank you Luc! The Mindlift site has lots of interesting videos to watch.

7 Responses to “Around the Fire in Holland”

  1. aaargh – can’t stop JK from giving her acceptance speech over the top of your film!!!

    Will keep trying though.


  2. Result! Watched it without trouble 🙂

    I think having these little filmettes is a great idea, although it does confuse my son somewhat who thinks I’ve got various people locked in a cupboard somewhere in the office.


  3. I really really enjoyed this video and was deeply moved by what you shared about various things. It is such an important time to be and stay awake.
    You are a Chief for the true reasons, Philip. At one point ,as I was watching this, I ‘saw’ you were overlighted by a very old Merlin-type man…… not of ancient times, but of our times, this Now.
    You are doing a great job, bless you.

    (I watched it with no hastle (JK Rowling) by double clicking the video on this blog……. it gets you direct to YOU TUBE and its better to see it that way.)

  4. That is soooo right! We are all force fed the notion of romantic love being our quest – our search for our ‘other half’ as I think socrates put it – when really we are searching for the other half of ourselves which is there already – we just haven’t linked up to it (or plugged ourselves into it -:) I love that analogy! ) Like your Mount Haemus lecture suggests – our quest is to marry our own feminine and masculine to create wholeness – I guess the child then is creativity or Awen….

    Although romantic love is yummy – that feeling can be replicated in many areas in life – this journey for instance constantly makes me feel as high as though I’ve drunk a hundred cups of coffee – and then there’s the doubt and inevitable chickening out of bits that make you feel uncertain or scared and then there’s your emotions and your stomach being tied up in knots – it is just like being in love – except you’re not falling in love with a person – your falling in love with life… (that’s come out quite a bit cheesier than I had hoped but never mind :/).

  5. Alison – this cupboard is getting very hot can I come out now!
    Alice – thank you my dear!
    Jane – Yes I think the limited idea of romantic love fed to us by the ‘Hollywood & Mills & Boon’ machine which now extends everywhere has done us a huge disservice – making millions of people unhappy because they’re not experiencing romantic bliss. And you’re right – falling in love with life can bring those wonderful feelings too! Not cheesy at all!

  6. Romantic love is a heady and addictive thing (not to mention exhausting), and it seems to me nature’s crafty way of not only keeping the species going but leading us into a confrontation with our deeper selves. The people we fall in love with ultimately end up being some of our greatest teachers, and I think that if you can get beyond the unrealistic need to keep that romantic high going and engage with the journey of self discovery that connection to others can bring, a deeper, more sustaining love is found. I have been married for twenty three years (I was a child bride!). I met my partner when I was seventeen, married at nineteen. I think it is a shame that the focus on keeping that romantic high leads many to leave relationships as soon as the glow wears off and the confrontation with self starts (and it always starts, sooner or later!).

    I don’t think you’re being cheesy either Jane! I felt those same feelings about the IOW when I moved here (still do). It was like falling in love, wanting to spend every minute exploring and discovering, feeling very emotional and tearful, hating being apart, feeling deeply moved, boring everyone to tears about my new ‘relationship’. Love is a wonderful thing and it can be found in limitless places. I really agree with you Philip about seeking that inner union. It is one of the most beauitful things about the Wiccan Great Rite. Getting beyond romatic love we ultimately find that it has always been this inner union that we haved longed for, and when we can acknowledge this and strive for it, this ultimately changes the nature and depth of all our relationships, romantic or otherwise. It is quite a journey!

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