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" Seek the truth and run from

those who claim to have found it "

after André Gide

Are you an Oldie?

March 17th, 2008

I’ve just been writing a brief biography of John Michell for The Book of English Magic that I’m writing with Richard Heygate. Richard and I had an entertaining meeting with him in his flat and then in one of his Notting Hill haunts – a cafe on Portobello Road. As I was researching John’s life on the internet I came across this little quiz on the website of the magazine – The Oldie – he has contributed to for over a decade.

Try it and see if you are an Oldie!

Are you an Oldie?

Take our quiz and find out…

1. When you hear of ‘Big Brother’, do you still think of George Orwell?

2. Do you not only talk to yourself, but see nothing odd about it?

3. Do you know quite a lot of poems by heart?

4. Do you spend more than an average amount of time in stationery shops?

5. Do you refer to ‘the wireless’?

6. Did you know who Chantelle is? Do you care?

7. Are you obsessively concerned about the size and shape of spoons?

8. Do you mend clothes rather than throw them away?

9. Do you write letters?

10. Do you still wind your watch up?

11. Do you know what a pronoun is?

12. Are there at least 10 people in your address book who are dead?

13. Do you know any prayers apart from the Lord’s Prayer?

14. Do you save string?

15. Are you frightened of going to the Barbican?

16. Can you waltz?

17. Do you go around turning lights off?

18. Do you clean your shoes with a brush and proper shoe polish?

19. Have you ever been to a Japanese restaurant?

20. Have you taken out a subscription to The Oldie?

From The Oldie Magazine

3 Responses to “Are you an Oldie?”

  1. darn, I answered yes to far too many of these questions…… Does that mean I’m an Oldie??

    Oh well then I’ll really know all about opening packaging as an Oldie then….. (current research I am doing…) but I have no trouble opening containers so maybe I’m not an Oldie after all…. I think I’ll just be a Sage and live happily ever after….. hahahaha
    from under a still Flowering Tree

  2. So, not only am I an Oldie, I’m a TOG (Terry’s Old Gal) as well.

    I save string for goodness sakes. Why?? I have jam jars full of bits of orphaned wire and grotty string in a jam jar in the greenhouse.

    Oh God – it gets worse….I just realised that I save jam jars too….


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