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Apple Messes Up Again – Yosemite 10.10.4

July 2nd, 2015

Like thousands of other people last night I accepted Apple’s latest upgrade – Yosemite 10.10.4 – in the hope that it might fix some of the problems Yosemite has given me. But no – instead it broke the link with gmail as others have found too.

What has happened to this company that receives a revenue higher than some entire nations? Cruel employment practices in China, where their sub-contractors assemble iphones, launching an operating system and updates that have major flaws?

If I was a graphic designer I’d draw their logo with a worm crawling out of it. They’ve lost so much customer loyalty in the last six months. I’ve started a petition to Apple’s CEO, so if you feel the same way, and want them to get their act together, please sign this petition.

11 Responses to “Apple Messes Up Again – Yosemite 10.10.4”

  1. Blimey! I’ll stick with 10.10.3 for the time being! Thanks for the warning!

    You may find this helpful:

    They send out regular emails with information on all things Apple. Their next email will probably highlight exactly what you’ve been talking about Philip, and will recommend not updating until Apple have sorted the bugs out – as they clearly should do BEFORE release!

    I really like the idea of the apple logo with a worm crawling out of it!

  2. Never used Apple. We rely too much on this type of technology. One big solar flare and it could all kaput! The companies grow bigger than governments and banks in some cases. Ofcourse we live in our times so cant completely avoid it and it is useful for fast widespread communication, baring a solar flare, but I like to use it minimally and walk the forest instead. A silicon forest doesnt compare to the real thing and we are terrifyingly slipping into a virtual matrix of our own making, the largest since the illusion of wealth by money was invented. Pray we turn back to the land!

  3. It was wonderful to read this in order to stop screaming alone in front of my computers. I also WAS perfectly satisfied with previous incarnation of Apple’s OS. I am frustrated beyond description by what is happening on a daily basis now. When I complained to the tech person at my astrology program, he suggested that these changes are so that all computerized information will fit into a smart phone screen! Hope this petition takes off, I will certainly do my part!

  4. I was a bit alarmed at this and started digging as I upgraded yesterday, luckily I think I am unaffected as I’ve ditched apple mail and now use to handle all my accounts. However I came across this and thought it might help.

    I was able to solve a Mail problem after performing the update today. Upon the 10.10.4 update reboot, my Google mail (Google Apps for Business) email account would not download any new mail. The solution was to go into Mail prefs, choose the Google account, and then Advanced settings — then check “Automatically detect and maintain account settings.”

    • Thank you so much Tara – seems to have fixed it in 2 seconds flat. Our apple techs spent hours trying to fix it for us!!

        • Thanks– Heeding Philip’s warning, I held off upgrading, but perhaps now will do so. So good to be part of this community in SO MANY ways– For one, we help and support each other just in general — seems so rare, sadly , and, of course to have company in the common will to know, love, and protect our beautiful Mother Earth and all her carefully evolved and necessary children — Earthly LIFE… ! This warms and quickens me when I begin to feel mired and frozen in frustration, fear, and sorrow from exposure to all the thoughtless, and often greed driven destruction that is so prevalent nearly everywhere lately 🙂

          • Warning Nancy – if you have a linked gmail account. Tara’s suggestion worked for me, for Damh the Bard it didn’t and he had to spend hours and money getting it fixed!

  5. First past life regression recently has left a warm soft afterglow of love for all of ‘us’ in ‘our’ illusion of separateness within the ‘ME’ which ‘I’ created. All is well and Apple has all ‘my’ love.

    Who feels the choice of experiencing: “..feel mired and frozen in frustration, fear, and sorrow from exposure to all the thoughtless, and often greed driven destruction that is so prevalent nearly everywhere lately”? Who knows who is doing what to whom or why? How to hurriedly unwrap from the wrapping the gift? To get to pop the Murray onto dem taste buds? ..let alone getting into the rustling bag in the first place?

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