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" Friendship is a sheltering tree "


Anyone Can Sing

May 4th, 2016

William Ayot and I are running a workshop together in Germany later this year: Understanding the Male Psyche – an experiential workshop for men and women. Have you ever wondered why many men, even those who hold powerful positions, seem so inadequate or insensitive? In this workshop we will explore a way of understanding the male psyche, based on the work of Jungian analyst Robert Moore, and others, that sees men needing to evolve out of their immature ‘boy’ psyches into mature adult manhood. We hope this workshop will be helpful and illuminating whether you are a young man seeking to make the transition into adulthood, whether you are an older man still trying to ‘grow up’, or whether you are a woman trying to understand men! We will work with exercises that help us access the immature and mature aspects of the archetypes that exist within all of us, male or female, and we will use ritual, poetry, music, story and mask work to deepen our experience. In Germany, with William Ayot, Reinhard Winkler and Malou Eberspächer. Details.

Here is William reading one of his poems: