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Answer The Warrior’s Call – Voices On The Wind

September 12th, 2016


Ritual can be an empowering form of action and The Warrior’s Call have some great suggestions as to how you can use this tool to protect the land against the dangers of fracking. We are coming up to the time of their annual World Wide Ritual where people are encouraged to come together in a magical network for healing and protection. This year’s theme is ‘Voices on the Wind’ where participants will be using the element of air and the winds to send out energy across the land. You can read a review by Liz Cruse of previous year’s rituals here and following are details of how you can get involved:

We have heard the Voices on the Wind…
From across the world, we have heard the people crying for the hurt done to their sacred Land by fracking, and we have heard their voices raised in resistance.
Now we call on you to respond.

Take part in The Warrior’s Call’s fifth World Wide Ritual and send your own Voices on the Wind as blessing and healing for the Land.

On Saturday, 15 October 2016, go to a windy place and create ritual space according to your own tradition. Make a sound of blessing and healing with your own voice or the voice of your musical instrument. Let the wind carry it across the Land and the World. To strengthen this act of magic, fly a flag with the Warrior’s Sigil. Make your magic with your community, your close friends and family, or on your own. There is no set time of day for this event.

For more information on how to take part, go to our web site
The events Facebook Page
Follow the event as it builds and unfolds on
– Facebook
– Twitter
– Zeemap
Let us know that you are taking part. Send an e-mail to

15 Responses to “Answer The Warrior’s Call – Voices On The Wind”

  1. Here in Lancashire we are still fighting the war against Fracking and I will definitely be taking part in the Warriors Call again this year.

    • Hi yes I live in Lancs. as well it will take all our efforts to overcome the power of fracking any tips

  2. Fracking is a small issue, that will turn into a a much worse one, if we don’t address the kind of society that would allow all the different issues that lead to ppl being allowed to carry out these atrocities to each other and the wildlife and its habitat worldwide…as long as politics, policing and warmongering are the foremost corrupting influence on the human race…until we can learn to police ourselves and act against the inhumanity of the human race & accept that there are no borders except the ones we make, whether by collusion or fitting in when we ALL know its wrong…unconditional love and truth are the only only way forward now, as ever, without it we are more like a cancer to the planet and each other and will never evolve to anything more

  3. I understand the Scottish Government has presently placed a moratorium on fracking here whilst investigating all the possible dangers/implications etc.- but will definitely be participating. We’re certainly not short of the wind here (gale force about 7 blowing outside at the moment!)

  4. We will be holding our public ceremony at The Long Man of Willmington site, Willmington East Sussex UK. All those who are able are welcome to join us, we hope to see you there. More details of ritual time etc to be found at the TWC zeemap . /|\

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