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" The songs of our ancestors

are also the songs of our children "

The Druid Way

Animystic – Seeing Spirit in Everything

December 4th, 2015

Here is the press release for another great event from Davyd and Emma Farrell, creators of Plant Consciousness and The Shamanic Lands Conferences:

Animystic – a person who through a process of contemplation and self surrender seeks to obtain unity with all that is, and thus sees the truth of the absolute, present in all plants, inanimate objects and natural phenomena.

Do you have Irish or Celtic ancestry in your family lineages?

Maybe through your own inner work or shamanic practices you have connected to many foreign cultures, practices or deities that are from ‘foreign’ lands, but if you have that Irish blood somewhere in you it’s a good bet that you have heard the call of Eiru at some point. Quite possibly there is a part of you that yearns to journey across the Irish Sea and connect more deeply with the part of you that is forever tied to that land, but you just didn’t know where to start?

Do you want to now reconnect to that ancient ancestry?

Animystics is our new event in Ireland which offers you that opportunity, to reconnect to your ancestors, the land they were from, the trees, plants and the ancient history and myths of ancient Ireland.

We have gathered together some of the finest wisdom keepers to create a unique shamanic event. In sacred space a series of teachings will be given that encompasses all of the above and will be interwoven with art, music and story telling to create a multi-dimensional experience that will allow you to reconnect with those old and ancestral parts of your soul. Officially Supported by OBOD and featuring 3 well known Druids on the programme; Philip Carr-Gomm, Eimear Burke & Danu Forest. There will be a strong Druid theme to this event as the old energetic flow of the two lands of Eiru and Albion will once again by reconnected in sacred space  to allow the ancient teachings between these two magical islands to once again flourish back and forth across the waters as it did in the old days.

With cheap flights and our incredible early bird ticket offer getting to Ireland has never been easier or cheaper. So why not make that soul journey in 2016, across the water as a pilgrim to invoke the magic of Ireland and reconnect to your ancestral lineage.

Book your early bird ticket now – just €105 –

Join us for this unique shamanic gathering – the Way Of The Animystic 

2 Responses to “Animystic – Seeing Spirit in Everything”

  1. All of life is threatened by by human activity, particularly the carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming. I think everyone knows this now. Yet you say, without a trace of embarrassment, ‘With cheap flights … getting to Ireland has never been easier or cheaper.’ I think you should at least be apologetic about recommending aeroplane flights. The problem of global warming is as serious as it can possibly be, both for ourselves and for the natural world that we depend on. Those who advocate nature spirituality have to have a very good reason for ignoring global warming. If they don’t, it makes it look as if their form of spirituality is just another form of opting out. Sorry but I have to say that.

  2. Thank you Mr Campbell for your comments about our event and we appreciate what you are saying. In the Western world where virtually everything we touch or use has a detrimental effect on the environment in some way, it is almost impossible not to create some kind of impact without becoming a hermit. We whole-heartedly advocate the use of trains where possible and also ferries, however, for most people to take the ferry they will have to use their car and possibly one other form of transport either end. Is this a better alternative?

    When organising our events we focus on the need to help wake people up to themselves so that in time we may be able to rectify these kinds of environmental issues, but until that happens we have to work within the confines of the society and reality we live in. We also appreciate the fact that many people have low funds and so we try to make our events as affordable to attend as possible, it is an impossible situation to balance and if we were to continually apologise for these things our events would never happen, thus depriving many hundreds of people from life-changing experiences. Our events take place in the real physical world and as such are restricted by the confines of that reality. This is to our mind, definately not opting out. On a personal level we feel that humans creating wars is much more detrimental to the environment where the manifest outer conflict is a result of the mass inner conflict that human kind is afflicted by. While we have personally dedicated our lives to a co-creative relationship with nature, we have learnt that it is mankind that is on the brink of disaster and by saving ourselves we save the world. The path to that destination is of course fraught with many challenges.

    Final food for thought – an alternative view on the main cause of global warming.
    ”The global livestock industry produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all cars, planes, trains and ships combined, but a worldwide survey by Ipsos MORI in the report finds twice as many people think transport is the bigger contributor to global warming.”(full article

    We thank you for your feedback and will take your comments on board.

    Warm regards
    Emma & Davyd Farrell
    Archetype Events

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