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we are the blossoms "


Alice is Hip!

December 23rd, 2009

The great thing about having teenage kids is that they keep you up to date! Try this!

2 Responses to “Alice is Hip!”

  1. Oh! Many thanks for this Philip and to your very creative, with a great sense of style and of humour kids!
    This brilliant ‘beat’ remix to one of my all time favourite childhood (and still now – a good piece along the road into my 50s!) movies, is mega cool and so much fun!!! It made my day!
    The audio/visual rhythmic synchronisation is excellently done and really witty! I love how it, together with this particular piece of minimalist beat, elicits the endearing psychedelic world of Wonderland, its inhabitants, Alice herself and all her utterly madcap and magical adventures!
    Yes -Definitely! Alice is hip and her galaxy grooves!!!


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