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Archbishop Stumbles on Pagan Rite

January 21st, 2015

800px-Lewes_Bonfire_Night_2013_South_Street_fireworks_display_9The web is perfect for stumbling on interesting or amusing tidbits. And with this kind of stumbling there are no lamposts in the way…

Here’s an amusing piece I found  from ‘Scrapper Duncan: The Archbishop of Southover’

Yesterday morning I accidentally joined a pagan gathering at dawn on Firle Beacon. Me, an Archbishop! Am I the only man of the cloth who has communed with the cosmos according to our conception of pre-Christian belief structures? What will my fellow clergy say? I have yet to answer to them and my congregation. Luckily I have eleven months to prepare for that showdown…

Go to the post on Scrapper Duncan’s site

5 Responses to “Archbishop Stumbles on Pagan Rite”

    • Thanks Mimsy – perhaps it’s important to say that the post’s author is not a ‘real’ Archbishop – but a Guy Fawkes night archbishop in the Lewes bonfire tradition – hence the fireworks photo! 🙂

      • My congregation, noisy and boisterous as they are, would disagree that I’m not a ‘real’ Archbishop. Between 2 & 5,000 people hear my sermon each year (depending on the weather and some other factors). Lewes Bonfire, which commemorates the 17 Martys who predate Guy Fawkes, is my religion. The fireworks photo is not from my Society, by the way.

        Interesting email conversation with Mr Carr-Gomm this morning. Classic inter-faith stuff, so beloved of folk who take religion seriously.

  1. Thanks for posting this! It’s good to hear from a Christian having positive comments about Pagan rites instead of going on with hellfire and brimstone dogma as he runs away…

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