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A Tree or Grove Planted in Your Name

April 20th, 2011

UPDATE 25 APRIL 2011 – They raised the $10,000 needed and filming has started. Thank you to all who contributed!

the When Ward Serrill, the producer and director of the Tree Story film project told me about his fundraising idea I hadn’t appreciated how clever the device is that he’s used to fund it. It’s called ‘Kickstart’ and it works through Amazon. There are two interesting features to the way it works: one is that you can choose to give any amount from $1 upwards and if you’re giving anything over $5 you can choose a ‘reward’ – anything from a tree planted in your name, AND a thank you on our website + a DVD credit if you give say $25, to a grove of trees planted in your name, a Supporting Producer credit, AND a thank you on our website, a DVD credit, a TreeStory Photo + two signed copies of the DVD if you give $1,000.

The second feature of kickstart is that they don’t charge your card and no money changes hands UNLESS the whole amount is raised by the deadline. As they say on the site: “So my card is only charged if funding succeeds? Yes! That’s part of what makes Kickstarter special. If a project isn’t fully funded, no one pays anything.”

Ward needs $10,000 to get this off the ground and by today $6775 has been pledged. We’re almost there – so do see if you can help! Here’s the link: