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A Short Walk – The Fieri Consort

September 6th, 2021

Another proud dad moment! Our daughter Sophia has made a 30-minute film to accompany a new choral work by the Fieri Consort, and it really is beautiful. If you are free this coming Saturday evening and you’re within reach of Hackney in London, do come and join us for its premiere. Here’s an article about it, and the film’s trailer. And then, a link for tickets!

“Sophia has recalled how she was drawn to the project because it was an extraordinary opportunity; it was a director’s dream, she said, to be given such haunting, evocative and cinematic music as a starting point. She has worked on music videos before, but usually the lyrics would clearly define the storyline. For this project, however, she embraced the challenge of uncovering the narrative thread… The result is a beautiful creation of visual art which is united with the music yet which still stands apart, much in the same way as the music does – each strand being part of something bigger while remaining central to itself.”     Read more

To get tickets go to