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" Seek the truth and run from

those who claim to have found it "

after André Gide

A Great New Anti-Fracking Initiative in the UK

October 14th, 2013

imagesIt is unlawful for fracking companies to drill under your home without your permission. Search your postcode and join the legal block today to protect your home and community from fracking.

Right now, the government has earmarked nearly two-thirds of England for possible fracking, without fully understanding what effects it is likely to have on our health or the countryside.
What we do know is that if we want to tackle climate change, we can’t be digging new fossil fuels out of the ground.
Find out if your home is at risk of being fracked. Look up your postcode at now.
Fracking involves horizontal drilling that can extend two miles from the actual drill site, passing directly under the homes of those nearby.
Despite the government’s enthusiastic dash for gas, we have the power to make fracking very difficult, and may even be able to halt exploration in its tracks, if enough of us come together.
This is how it works: if you don’t want fracking companies pumping toxic chemicals under your home, you can say so. Then, any drilling there becomes trespassing; the frackers would be breaking the law.
All you have to do is declare that your home is ‘Not for Shale’ and you will be added to the growing legal block to stop fracking where you live.
But we need to act quickly, as there are hints that the government will try to change the law to support their dash for gas.
Look up your postcode to find out if you could be fracked and join the legal block now.

11 Responses to “A Great New Anti-Fracking Initiative in the UK”

  1. What about the vast majority of the country who do not own their homes? Not much you can do about that is there, especially if you rent from the council. Didn’t think of that did you?

    • Every initiative has its limitations. Every initiative will have its critics. Every initiative however small or limited might be of help. ‘No snowflake ever feels it started the avalanche.’

  2. “without fully understanding what effects it is likely to have on our health or the countryside.”
    I think this is very generous, the risks of Fracking are so widely known that it would perhaps be better to assume that the Government simply aren’t interested in rosks that will be born by “someone else”.

  3. i live in a council house but i have joined the legal block. as far as i am concerned if there is a potential risk to me, my family & the home i live in i will oppose it. just because i rent my property should give me no less of a voice than someone who owns their home. the more people that oppose this the better. everyone should speak up!

  4. Excellent! I’ve added myself to the list!
    Unfortunately for some reason WordPress will not allow me to “like” this post, or yesterday’s post about meditation. Don’t know why, I’m logged into my account here. Oh well…..

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