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" If the world is a tree,

we are the blossoms "


A Feast

November 21st, 2012

The latest Druidcast is out and once again it is truly a feast: it opens with Nico from the Netherlands singing about his experiences at an OBOD Glastonbury event. Some great guitar work combines with crazy lyrics and a touching story of healing for Nico’s energy body. There is then an excerpt from a discussion John Michael Greer and I had at the East Coast Gathering in September. We range across a number of subjects and the audience joins in as we explore the issue of whether Druidry is authentic, whether it is a religion, and why it can’t come out of the closet…Below is a photo taken while we were having this talk.

This is followed by a beautiful rendition of the Druid’s Peace Prayer by French druid Helene Bessoles, and a track from Damh the Bard’s new album Antlered Crown and Standing Stone. The track is fantastic – beguiling and stomping – I can’t wait to hear it live! Listen to it all here

Philip Carr-Gomm and John Michael Greer in conversation at the OBOD East Coast Gathering September 2012. Photo John Beckett

7 Responses to “A Feast”

  1. Regarding my energy body. Yes, I must admit that I used to be a bit skeptical about energy bodies, until I saw the light in Glastonbury ;-).
    Great podcast, great exchange with JMG.

  2. (hahaha! Nico beat me to it after I pointed him here!)…yes talking about a “touching” story, energy body and Nico in one sentence…could only happened as an introduction to this great song!
    I am looking forward to the second part of that great exchange with JMG!
    This podcast is indeed a Feast! French hug

  3. Nice picture. You are both the druids I follow from time to time. For sure, we can’t get out of the closet at the moment. The world needs to create a momentum of belief which seems to be out of reach. As a Healer of Fire, I have managed to find a way without being a Guru by reviving Atlantis. You gave me the idea of Atlantis. Thank you

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