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" The Holy Land is everywhere "

Black Elk

A Door to the Otherworld

August 4th, 2016

Here is a fabulous photograph taken by Glen Capers of a beautiful tree he found within the Druid rocks in a small hidden cove in Colorado. Many thanks to Glen for sharing!

Glen Capers

7 Responses to “A Door to the Otherworld”

  1. Wonderful! I live in Colorado – do you know where in the state this incredible tree is? I’d love to visit it.

    • Hi Dottie, I’m afraid I don’t know where it is, but apparently it’s very remote on some private land…

  2. Well maybe I’m being a bit cynical – but I feel it’s a bit ‘unreal’/’artificial’ like something constructed for a film set or theme park etc.Like the old saying “If it looks too good to be true – it probably is!” Having said that, I do like the concept, and will make a hard copy for possible use as a class exercise in creative writing – an image to get the student’s creative juices flowing! Many thanks as always Philip.

  3. At first glance it looked charming; then I got worried, thinking someone had carved the door into the tree, then I saw that it’s probably an add-on. I still feel a bit ambivalent about it.

  4. At the risk of being a killjoy…

    It’s difficult to tell on my computer screen, but the top of the door appears to be either rotted or gnawed away, and it looks like there might be a hollow of significant size behind it. So I’m squinting at that and squirming a bit in my seat as I recall that cavities at the bases of trees sometimes indicate root decay and serious losses of structural integrity.

    During my daily walks outdoors, I try to always be observant and to maintain good awareness of the overall health of the individual trees that I encounter. Partly that arises out of my natural love for trees, but partly it’s also a matter of common sense. It seems like every summer, the local newspaper features yet another story about a tree that has fallen in a stiff wind and crushed somebody’s parked car. I’d hate to end up as an even splashier item on the front page. Death by a tree would be a rather ironic way for a Druid to launch forth into the next incarnation.

    Anyways, I’m hoping that the caretakers of the tree are at least aware of those concerns. It sort of looks to me like there might be a road adjacent to it (in the flat, light area visible through the slats of the fence), and I’m not sure that someone walking or driving in that area would even be able to see the door from that angle. It might be that the property owners have already had the cavity, if that’s what it is, checked by an arborist. In the absence that sort of professional attention, though, and if I were to encounter such a tree during my walks, I’d be pretty strongly inclined to give it a wide berth, fairies or no fairies!

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