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Black Elk

A Convulsion of Ley Lines

January 3rd, 2010

Researching local leys I came across this description of our home town, Lewes in East Sussex, in ‘The Old Weird Albion: For the Compleat Anglophile’:

Lewes is, of course, the center of Sussex eccentricity. It sits, I will posit, on a convulsion of ley lines: Among too many to name, one that runs from London to Boston, Mass., on which Tom Paine floated into history in the 18th century; one that follows Hilaire Belloc across the Sussex landscape, from pub to pub, venturing in and out of poetry and sobriety; one that traverses the whole of the surface of the earth, in the path of the sun over the planet, from its stage debut each morning as it creeps over Mount Caburn, burning away mist and last night’s spewed Donner.

This is a town that still annually burns the Pope, W., Blair, whomever it is they find fault with that year, in effigy – just like they did 200 years ago. Lewes prints its own currency, and shuts down pubs for daring remove the local ale. It’s a town of a few thousand that supports two distinct and thriving weekly folk-music clubs, using the same eccentric-if-affluent clientele that will throw back a dozen pints at the Thin Lizzy tribute-band gig the following night.

For more see ‘The Old Weird Albion: For the Compleat Anglophile’

Crossing a Lewes dyke on New Year's Day. Photo Tarquin Gotch

5 Responses to “A Convulsion of Ley Lines”

  1. Hi. Found your blog via my incoming, probably due to my art titled Ley Lines–which is indeed ley lines…and was done while in the Portland, Oregon area.
    Now…my question is how to USE ley lines effectively for ourselves. Got any notions?

  2. I walked over 3,000 miles following the ley lines of Scotland to get the only working knowledge of them available on the Web.

    Not all ley lines are straight, some are roughly circular, contained in a “magnetic bottle” of straight leys.

    See my book “Ley Lines and Earth Energies”, ormy website

  3. Just received this from Chris Street, author of ‘Earthstars’. I’m placing this here to record his remarks on alignments in this area:

    I just found an interesting alignment, which will be of special interest to Fountain International

    Fountain, as most of you know, is so named because it began as a community healing meditation at the Old Steine Fountain
    in Brighton, which reputedly has the old stones of a megalithic circle beneath it.

    The main Earthstars North – SOuth line leads through a succession of ancient sites in sussex to the village green in
    Rottingdean where there’s a lovely old well and a standing stone nearby.

    Yesterday I was prompted to put ruler to map and see if the Earthstars Rottingdean Site connects interestingly with the Brighton Old Steine.

    It does. Spectacularly.

    On an OS 1inch-4miles map of S E England, it appears to go straight to Stonehenge.

    Strange that I hadn’t noticed this before.
    But it’s very good that both these important sites have this connection, which we can all now work with to energise a swathe of southern England

    I suspect that one of the reasons this has come to light is because the westerly extension of the line goes to Beachy Head
    which needs a fair bit of healing sent to it to clear the inherent sadness in the air there, built up over decades of people in
    personal despair bringing their lives to an end.

    Many people have noticed that recent years have prompted them to clear family/ancestral/national Karma and this is perhaps another example.

    Send light joy love and hope to link up and heal the lines and the network, the web of life which will hold the earth through these times of transition.

    starry blessings
    chris street

  4. Thanks for all this. Recently, my interest has been sparked about Ley Lines after watching a very interesting video on the subject.
    I live now in Brighton and have walked the downs many times so unaware of it’s rich history. I have also recently encountered high energy around Lewes which is the reason for the investigation of which i now embark.
    Canterbury also is a place where i had an amazing experience at dawn in a field. Others there witnessed this as well and we were awestruck.
    As i sit here now reading the tale of The Four Men i am moved and plan on exploring and visiting more of this area.
    Kind Regards!

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