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" Seek the truth and run from

those who claim to have found it "

after André Gide

A Conversation with Russell Brand

November 18th, 2017

I’ve just finished talking with Russell Brand for his show that goes out tomorrow – Sunday 19th November at 11am on Radio X    Then some of the show is put on a podcast which you can find here.

Ten minutes on the phone with this crazy guy was like drinking ten shots of espresso in a row. When you do these things you start by being ‘patched into’ the show that’s being recorded. You sit there hearing the show for a few minutes and then you get welcomed and you’re off. For this interview it was like being thrown into a party in a pub in full swing, with a bit of nutty banter going on, but then once we started talking we quickly got into what Druidry was. Listen to the bit where he hears what I’ve just said, then feeds it back to me in a kind of meta-analysis that shows he’s absolutely got it. It was fabulous – a kind of high energy rollercoaster feeling to it. We even ended up doing a bit of magic with him and his mates in the studio.

If you’re not familiar with Russell Brand, look at this quote. Isn’t it fabulous?

“Throughout paganism one finds stories that integrate our species with our environment to the benefit of both. The function and benefits of these belief matrixes have been lost, with good reason. They were socialist, egalitarian and integrated. If like the Celtic people we revered the rivers we would prioritise this sacred knowledge and curtail the attempts of any that sought to pollute the rivers. If like the Nordic people we believed the souls of our ancestors lived in the trees, this connection would make mass deforestation anathema. If like the native people of America we believed God was in the soil what would our intuitive response be to the implementation of fracking?” Russell BrandRead more here.

6 Responses to “A Conversation with Russell Brand”

  1. I believe Russel Brand is a twat.He uses humor to cover up his emptiness. He’s not funny he’s phoney. He’s a bully with big words don’t be fooled

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed Brands interview with you. You communicated a lot of really good information to neophytes such as i. Made me even more determined to learn more. Is Russell’s “brand” of humor insanely goofy and irreverant? Yes! That’s what’s so entertaining but he manages to find people who have something very important to say to us all. In between all the silliness moments we learn something about what seemed an esoteric subject that we might never have chosen to explore. Nature is my religion and the earth is my church.

  3. Good stuff Philip! Enjoyed listening to that. I like Brand, much of the time anyway. I think he is genuine and I did like the way he reflected your descriptions back to you – as you said, he showed a real understanding of the issues.

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