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" Friendship is a sheltering tree "


A Blessing for Spring 

March 18th, 2021

Image by Sweetmart

Here’s a lovely Spring Blessing written by a recent graduate of OBOD’s School of Celebrancy courses: Adam Harley.

A Blessing for Spring 
Yes, it is a little warmer and the days are stretching longer than they dared just a week or two ago.
And you are coming back to life.
You are shaking off those last tired flakes of winter before emerging, with renewed vigour, from the shelter you have now outgrown.
May the faces you meet be as transformed and expectant as your own.
May the dark nights you leave behind inform this new beauty which is slowly coming into bud.
May you have the courage to pull back at least one protective layer and brave the warming western winds.
Might your heart begin to open,
your mind begin to stretch,
your legs begin to venture;
Might your breath be freer and your burdens be light.
And so may these longer, brighter days be filled with a renewed hope,
and a steady faith
in the innumerable shoots of possibility
which you are root and soil to.