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March 8th, 2023

Join me in spending a week in one of the world’s top well-being resorts with daily personal well-being sessions, incredible food, gorgeous surroundings, and at the same time improve your sleep quality. Here’s what the resort says:

Three pillars support optimal physical and mental health: exercise, diet and sleep. If you can get these three right you’re well on your way to building up your health.

Spending time at the Bodyholiday in April this year can help you with all three: you’ll get fabulous, healthy nutrition, a myriad of opportunities for exercise, and from 11 to 18 April we’ll have Philip Carr-Gomm as our resident sleep psychologist, who will be available for individual consultations, and will be teaching two classes a day, in which he’ll take you through an easy to follow six-point program that combines techniques and insights drawn from sleep science with thirteen different ways to help you drift off into sleep. You’ll learn about the best ways to optimise your night-time, about how you can avoid sleep procrastination, night-time worries and ruminating, and you’ll learn about many of the ways people have found to help them sleep soundly. You’ll explore the cures for parasomnias like sleep-walking and talking, the upsides and downsides of using sleep medications, alcohol, cannabis and CBD. And you’ll come away with an understanding and practice of the most effective ways to improve your night’s rest, together with possibilities for ongoing support and a comprehensive resource guide.

Philip’s book, The Gift of The Night: A Six Step Program for Better Sleep, due out in November, has been praised as “a brilliant, important and inspiring book that will be so helpful to so many people,” by Dr Rosalind Watts, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Lead for Imperial College London’s psilocybin trial, and has been highly recommended by Peter Mobbs, Professor Emeritus and former Dean of Life Sciences and Pre-clinical Medicine at University College London.   For more information click here.

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